The Beauty Queen of Leenane

By Martin McDonagh
Directed by Norma York
21 – 28 March at 7.45pm
(not Sun) and 2.30pm on 28 March


Trust and betrayal collide catastrophically in this award-winning black comedy

In a dingy cottage in the mountains of Connemara, County Galway, Maureen Folan, a plain and lonely woman in her early forties lives with Mag, her manipulative ageing mother, whose interference in Maureen's first and potentially last loving relationship sets in motion a train of events that is as darkly funny as it is horrific.

Contains scenes of domestic violence that some people may find upsetting.  Also contains bad language and sexual references.

Leaves on a Line

Presented by
Forest Forge Theatre Company
Written by Dinos Aristidou
Directed by Kirstie Davis
Designer David Haworth
Musical Director Rebecca Applin
Wed 1st April at 7.45pm

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Your life can change in a second and then there’s the ‘before’ and there’s the ‘after’. Before I was Thomas Robertson and after, well, after, I was someone completely different.

Two individual stories. Two lives connected by one moment.

This is the story of a baby abandoned on a deserted railway platform, the young woman who decides to give up her baby and the older woman who finds it. A decision that derails and changes the direction of both their lives.

Using a range of theatrical styles and storytelling devices, this two-part drama tells the story of our relationship to the past and to the future, exploring the unexpected and unpredictable twists that take us off track. The abandoned railway lines, heritage stations and derelict platforms of Hampshire’s railway history form the backdrop to this new play.


By Ronald Harwood
Directed by Peter Liddiard
16 – 23 May at 7.45pm
(not Sun) and 2.30pm on 23 May

Reading 6 March at 7:45pm
Auditions 8 & 9 March at 7:45pm


 ‘We’re artists, aren’t we, we’re supposed to celebrate life’

A gentle and poignant comedy about life-long friendships between four larger-than-life performers. In their day each was a bright star in the opera world. Now in their twilight years, they live together in a home for retired opera singers – constantly reminding each other of their glory days.

Yet these colourful characters are not ready to take their final curtain call.

…warm, melancholy light comedy. The Sunday Times

The Seagull

By Anton Chekhov
A new version by Anya Reiss
Directed by Deborah Edgington
11 – 18 July at 7.45pm 
(not Sun) and 2.30pm on 18 July

New Reading & Audition Dates
Reading on 1st May at 7:45pm
Auditions  3rd & 4th May at 7:45pm


‘Love is the only thing on this earth that can make you happy…’

There is a lake and beside the lake lives a beautiful girl. She dreams of becoming an actress. A handsome young man dreams of becoming a writer. His mother dreams of fame and her lover dreams of success...and they all dream of love and desire.

Chekhov's comic masterpiece has been reignited for the 21st century by Anya Reiss, winner of the Most Promising Playwright in the Evening Standard and Critics’ Circle Awards.

Anya Reiss’ version of Anton Chekhov’s The Seagull was first produced by Jagged Fence Productions and premiered at the Southwark Playhouse, London in 2012.

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